Nunnykirk News - Spring term 2011 
Dear Parents 
Welcome to the Easter Edition of Nunnykirk News. 
We made it!  Finally, a term undisrupted by snow. 
We have had an eventful term, with Ofsted, our week long Celebration of the Chinese New Year and the installation of the biometric entry system. 
Thank you to all parents who took the time to fill in the Ofsted questionnaire. Those wishing to view our Ofsted report can do so via the Ofsted website – however there are currently two factual errors in the report but once these have been rectified we will upload it onto our website. 
I am pleased to report that we have retained our overall rating of good with outstanding in the areas of ‘Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do’ and ‘Helping children make a positive contribution.’ 
I hope that you enjoy reading this edition of Nunnykirk News which we are now putting on-line via the Nunnykirk website. 
Carol Hodgson 
Head Teacher. 
Pupils from Year 11 received permission from Morrison’s Supermarket in Alnwick to do a bag pack on 17th March. Inters, Year 8, 9 and the 6th Form all contributed their time on the day and £577 was raised for sports (Go-Kart) equipment.   While it turned out to be a long and tiring day, the staff at the supermarket commented on how polite and courteous all the pupils were. Parent Ms Onassis very kindly donated another £400 towards go-kart engines which is much appreciated. Well bagged everyone! 
Mr Smith 
For all parents interested in attending, Nunnykirk will have a stall at Morpeth Fair Day on Sunday, 5th June. This will hopefully raise awareness of Nunnykirk and dyslexia in general while helping raise funds for the go-kart track. We are now only £1200 short of our overall target. 
Mr Smith 
In February we had a Biometric Entry system installed by Easydentic UK Ltd at the back door. The system has been introduced to improve the security of the pupils in the school Those who have their fingerprints registered on the system are able to gain entry and exit the school by having them scanned. 
It has taken a little bit of getting used to, especially by the pupils who are used to being able to come and go as they please.However we are overcoming the teething problems and the system should prove a real asset to the school. 
Mrs Hodgson. 
Sixteen medals were gained at the Wanderers Swimming Gala in January. Pupils competing included Jonathon Docherty, Dillon Anderson, Tom Stretton, George Stevens, Paul White-Smith and Lance Kerr. Well done to those pupils for the application, teamwork and commitment shown on the day. 
In March a Junior team entered the Wanderers Football Tournament at the JJB Soccerdome in North Shields. They won two games in a round robin tournament. Well done to the following pupils; Luke Bullerwell, Sam Hutchinson, Bradley Meadows, Jonathon Docherty, Dillon Anderson, Max Harrison-Hamilton and Tom Stretton.House matches are well underway now. 
In the football, Coquet beat Wansbeck 4:0 with House Captain Sacha O’Connor scoring all four goals. The basketball saw two closely fought entertaining games. In the Junior basketball, Coquet beat Wansbeck 16:15 whilst in the Senior game, Wansbeck beat Coquet 18:17. Both were excellent games with all pupils putting in committed performances. 
In 6th Form the Sports Leadership Level 1 and 2 students are nearing completing of their respective courses. Level 1 students in L6th, Michael Atherton and Alex Beal have completed their hour’s worth of leadership at Willowburn Leisure Centre in Alnwick. Here they were coaching swimming. Whilst Level 2 students in the U6th, Ian Cowan and Jake Cooper have completed their ten hours of leadership. This was also at Willowburn coaching swimming. Well done to all four students who have worked hard to complete the course and were a good advert for the school during their placements. 
In GCSE Short Course PE, Year 11 students Sacha O’Connor, Elliot Barron, Jake Augur and James Ford have completed their practical moderation. This is for 60% of their final mark. They were moderated in Badminton and Swimming in an intense two hour session. All students put a great deal of effort in and worked hard to achieve the best marks. 
Well done to them. 
Finally, in the gym, there are several items of new equipment. A rowing machine, stationary cycle, punch bag and multi-gym have been purchased. This now gives students the option to participate in cardiovascular exercises as well as the weights circuit. There are now more options for lower school students to use the gym. This has certainly proved popular with the students as thriving clubs are taking place on Monday and Wednesday evenings. 
Mr Hinchcliffe 
Mr Hinchcliffe 
Chinese New Year
This year we decided to celebrate the Chinese New Year by working across the curriculum to raise the awareness of our pupils to the fascinating culture, language and art of China for a week in February. 
During the week our pupils worked at designing lanterns, studying Chinese Art and literature, cooking Chinese meals and playing Chinese games. In addition they looked at the country in Geography and History.  We also had a visitor who used to teach English in China who was able to tell and show the pupils all about the experience of school Chinese children have. 
The week culminated in a fantastic Chinese banquet cooked to perfection by our school cooks. It was so popular we may just have to do it again next year. And the banquet attracted media attention with the Morpeth Herald featuring three students enjoying their Chinese meals! See our news section for more information. 
Mrs Hodgson 
Our pupils got into the swing of things for Red Nose Day.  Instead of our usual non-uniform day, we had a fancy dress day. 
Boarders were at a bit of an advantage as they were able to raid the costume room and they put together some very interesting looks as you can see from the photo. 
Everyone went to town and the efforts of the day pupils gave some serious competition to the overall winner Andrew Brook, who was brave enough to wear his heels, wig and dress for the whole day (although he had to be reminded to to keep his knees together when sitting!). 
Everyone enjoyed the event knowing that the fruits of their labours all went to a good cause. 
Fancy Dress
In February Inters and Year 8 accompanied by Mrs Blackburn, Mrs Adams and Mr Nicholson went off in search of enlightenment! 
As intrepid explorers we were waved off in the school mini-bus complete with rations by Mrs Hodgson at midday only to find ourselves travelling vast roads (well the A1) into Newcastle and following a trek to Stowell Street where we discovered the sights, sounds and smells of China. 
Hunger overtook us and we stopped for sustenance. Packed lunches were chosen although the Peking duck had looked interesting! 
Buddhist rug
Feeling refreshed our party carried on to Carliol Square and after climbing a vast amount of stairs we began to see signs that the Eightfold path was indeed in front of us in the form of The Newcastle Buddhist Centre. 
We were welcomed by Ajaya Sraddha who transported us into the meditation room where the children were shown great Dhyana (concentration) as Ajaya Sraddha showed us artefacts and told us more about the key beliefs of Buddhism. 
The children had been studying the life of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) in RE and asked excellent questions and enjoyed the experience as we continue our search for enlightenment. 
Mrs Blackburn 
Buddhist Centre visit 1
Buddhist Centre visit 2
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