Parents and Pupils 
Nunnykirk provides for the educational and social needs of boys and girls of average or above average intelligence who experience specific learning difficulties/dyslexia. The school admits pupils on a day or weekly boarding basis. Girls as day pupils only. Children aged between nine and 18 years old are catered for in a unique environment which, combined with a sympathetic learning programme, is designed to meet and support their particular needs and to develop their potential to the full. 
Nunnykirk is a pleasant, friendly establishment where high standards, hard work and sensible behaviour are expected. Under these favourable conditions we expect to find the best in every pupil, build up their confidence, encourage social awareness, develop interests in sports and hobbies and then prepare them for further education. All the staff hope your son or daughter will benefit from the unique Nunnykirk experience. 
Parental Involvement 
We encourage parents to visit Nunnykirk. It is good for children to know that their parents are interested in the school and their education. We believe the best team is the child, parent and teacher working together. 
Parents are welcome at any time, but it is appreciated if an appointment is made beforehand. 
We will always contact parents immediately if we are concerned about any aspect of their child’s welfare, progress or behaviour and we hope that parents will, in turn, inform us of any problems or anxieties which may be affecting their child. 
Parental Entitlement 
All parents/guardians connected with the school have a right of access to all documentation specifically relating to their child. Parents also have the right of access to the following documents: 
The School Curriculum 
The National Curriculum and associated documents 
Any published HMI and Ofsted reports which refer expressly to the school 
Any syllabuses followed (whether for public examinations or otherwise) 
The arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum 
The Annual Governors’ Report 
School policies concerning Religious Education and Sex Education 
If any parent has any complaint about their child’s boarding arrangements which cannot be resolved in school, they are entitled to contact Ofsted 0845 6404040. 
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