What parents think about Nunnykirk 
“I cannot find the right words to put down on paper to tell how grateful I am for all the help and support you have offered to me. I am so relieved that my son no longer has to endure the hardships of battling the mainstream system.” 
“I wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for our son and for us as a family to date.” 
“We just can’t thank you all enough for the support and encouragement you have given to our granddaughter during her time with you. It was a hard decision to make the move to Northumberland but one we have never regretted, as it has proved to be the best thing we have ever done for her – her time with you will stand her in good stead for her future.” 
“Our son came to Nunnykirk a very unhappy child – no self-esteem or confidence. Over the years we have seen him grow and develop into a very creative and confident young man. This is due 100% to the dedication of all the staff who have been involved with him.” 
“Although our son’s time at Nunnykirk has been a mixed bag of experiences the positive times have hugely outweighed the negative. He has always been happy to go to school and with very rare exceptions has always come home happy. I give credit to the staff who are a very special group of dedicated and caring people.” 
“The work of the staff at Nunnykirk has been outstanding – my son is a changed young man and this is due to their dedication to the pupils and the school.” 
What OFSTED have said about Nunnykirk 
“A strong, caring, positive and supportive ethos pervades the whole school. Frequently, pupils have had exceptionally negative experiences of learning before they enter the school. This has resulted in previous poor behaviour and attendance, lack of progress and a disaffected attitude to learning. However, pupils blossom due to the care, guidance and support the school provides, which are of the highest quality. Very well-targeted support for all pupils enables them to make the best of the many opportunities provided. Additionally, the school works very effectively with external agencies and partners to provide targeted support to pupils and their families.” 
“This is a good school. It has good relationships with parents and carers who are very appreciative of the school's supportive and caring ethos, with typical comments such as, 'Since joining Nunnykirk my children have become happy, confident children who love going to school.' Additionally, 'All staff at Nunnykirk help to educate, encourage and motivate the children, as well as involve and support parents and carers. It's like being part of an extra family.” 
“Nunnykirk is a good school with a wonderful, outstanding ethos. It has been the salvation of many young people, helping them to thrive academically, socially and emotionally and opening up opportunities for success on leaving school, by instilling in them a strong sense of self worth and value to society.” 
8th November 2007 
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